Restoration Engineering, Inc. provides investigation, design, contract administration services, historic preservation and expert witness services for roofing restoration, waterproofing restoration, facade restoration, structural repairs, concrete restoration and window restoration.


Review existing construction drawings.

Meet with building owners/property managers to review problems and leak information.

Visit and visually survey project site to determine condition of building components.

Perform test cuts into building materials to determine existing and as-built construction.

Sample existing construction materials, and test material properties and hazardous material content.

Perform non-destructive material testing.

Diagnose existing conditions to determine possible sources of moisture infiltration and building component deterioration.

Perform controlled water tests to determine sources of leaks into buildings.

Identify and analyze inappropriate, defective and failed materials.

Provide condition survey reports complete with: observations; recommendations for maintenance, repair or replacement of building components; cost estimates; and captioned color photographs.


Design appropriate and effective restoration solutions to eliminate leaks and repair damage to building components.

Prepare well-defined bid documents consisting of drawings and technical specifications for the maintenance, repair or replacement work.

Review bid documents in-house to ensure that they comply with our design philosophies, all applicable codes, construction industry standards and the material manufacturer's written requirements.

Prepare Request for Proposal and Proposal Agreement forms, General and Supplemental Conditions, and Unit Price Schedules.

Assemble bid documents and related forms, and distribute to contractors on our pre-approved bid lists.

Conduct or attend pre-bid conferences to ensure contractors have a good understanding of the scope of work prior to submitting bids.

Review bids from contractors and recommend award of construction contract.

Contract Administration

Moisture Surveys

Historic Preservation

Review contractor's submittals and shop drawings for conformance with the Contract Documents and material manufacturer's written requirements.

Conduct a preconstruction conference prior to the start of work to ensure the selected contractor is familiar with the Contract Documents and job site conditions.

Perform announced and unannounced site inspections to ensure that work is performed in accordance with the Contract Documents, and issue written reports.

Attend dispute resolution meetings between contractors and owners/property managers.

Review contractor's application for payment and recommend payment by owner/property manager.

Conduct progress meetings.

Prepare change orders as required, review change order proposals from contractors, and negotiate and/or approve change orders.

Perform punch out site inspection when notified by contractor that work is complete.

Perform final site inspection when notified by contractor that all punch list work is complete.

Prepare contract close-out documents including final change orders, final payment reviews, and issuance of warranties.

Assist contractor with preparation of as-built construction drawings as required.
Perform non-destructive infrared and capacitance moisture surveys to determine the extent of wet building insulation.

Track leaks from point of entry into building to deficiency in building envelope.

Perform test cuts and determine moisture content of roofing samples by gravimetric analysis.

Provide survey reports complete with captioned color photographs.
Specify historically correct materials and procedures for the abundance of historic buildings in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Incorporate design and construction information from the National Park Service Preservation Briefs and other industry literature appropriate for the particular item of work.

Typical work includes preservation of historic wood structures, wood windows, masonry facades and slate roofing.

Expert Witness

Provide expert witness testimony for owners, condominium associations, property managers, contractors and manufacturers regarding failure of roofing, waterproofing, facades, siding, structural members, concrete and windows.

Replacement Reserve Studies

Review available construction drawings, details, specifications, previous contracts and receipts concerning the original building construction and all subsequent renovation as required to ascertain construction materials, manufacturers, installation conditions, etc.

Review current expenditures, status of existing reserves and other pertinent financial information provided by the Client.

Visually inspect the building/facility as required to inventory common components and evaluate their existing condition.

Estimate the remaining service life of components and establish a sound basis for the allocation of reserve funds.

Estimate future replacement costs and major repairs based on estimated service life and life cycle cost analysis techniques.

Prepare a Capital Reserve Study incorporating summary of assets, reserve fund analysis, component inventory, General Reserve Schedule and Chronological Replacement/Repair, Maintenance and Inspection Schedule.

Due Diligence Reports

Review construction drawings and specifications and then visually survey buildings and site facilities in order to identify obvious construction conditions that are not in compliance with the drawings, specifications, applicable building codes and industry standards.

Prepare a letter report detailing our observations, findings and recommendations regarding construction deficiencies that have been identified. Reports typically include a summary of typical deficiencies identified as well as captioned color photographs as required to accurately communicate information.

Assist the client in negotiations with the Builder/Contractor regarding mitigation of deficiencies that have been identified.
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